Incredible Final Day at the Jbay Open

The ASP and the World can rejoice once more! Jbay is back and as usual delivered one of the best days of surfing on tour for the Finals. Even the Goofy footers can rejoice, though two naturals in the final, the semi final runs of both Matt Wilko and Owen Wright were incredible, with Wilko especially showing new levels of commitment never before seen at the famous point of Supertubes. In the end Parko was in sublime form to to beat Wilko in their semi final, but it took all his energy and he lost momentum going into the final. Mick Fanning on the other hand was surgical in his destruction of the Supertubes waves and once again showed how high his level of fitness is, cruising the final to take the win. Another highlight of the day was watching Occy and Tom Curren have a crack at the massive walls of water running down the point, with Tom getting the deepest tube of the day. The beach was more packed than ever before, I am sure the webcast numbers were huge and everyone is super stoked that Jbay is back on tour.