The Dream Bmx Yard 2 – Featuring Pat Casey

Considering it is the Night Harvest thise eve, it is pretty great that Monster Energy posted this insane video today. Teh body varials are just nuts!

Nope, unfortunately this is not your backyard paradise – but it is Monster Energy rider Pat Casey’s…and this magical setup is arguably the best private park in the world.
Pat moved into his dream home in 2013, building his backyard ramp to perfection just six months later. The trails, his newest collaboration with Monster Energy were designed and built by one of the most prolific trail builders in the world, Adam Aloise.
In this new edit, Pat christens his amazing new features with an onslaught of stylish tricks mixed with straight up bangers. No one in BMX rides like Pat, and Dream Yard 2 is a testament to that fact!