DarkFEST Week 4 – The Big Air Course is Ready

Course Ready & Athletes Arrive

The world’s best started arriving this week for the Big Air madness at DarkFEST.

Most of the riders have arrived this weekend and have been introduced to the monster creations. More riders means more excitement and we have already seen some big tricks go down.

At first sight jaws hit the floor, the first big air is around 100ft now and is seriously intimidating. Some riders were feeling the jet lag and took a while to adjust. After watching Sam, Nico and Clemens hit it, the lag and fear quickly was pushed aside. They followed the boys that had hit it before to feel what speed they needed and after a couple attempts they were all making it through the course.

Difficult Conditions for Big Air

The wind has been really unpredictable and changes direction constantly, so every morning and evening we go up to see if it is being kind to us. It can also drop or pick up in a matter of minutes. You might get to the top and almost be blown away, thinking there’s no chance of riding, to having it be perfectly still, perfect conditions moments later. Such a tease!

The huge step up at the bottom is in a different direction to the top two big features, so often when the wind is too strong for those they can still drop in from the hip landing and have a trick session.

Ready for Action

With what’s been going on here the past few days, I think we’re in for an amazing show on the 10th! So head to the DarkFEST OPEN DAY and book your tickets before they’re sold out!!!

Photo: Eric Palmer

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