Darkfest Cometh – The Freeride Mega Line

Darkfest Warm Up – Photo: Eric Palmer, Monster Energy

The biggest dirt jump line in the World

It is pretty amazing that the world’s biggest dirt jump run, is right here in South Africa. For the last few year’s the Darkfest team, supported by Monster Energy and led by Sam Reynolds and Nico Vink have been creating ridiculous runs, first in Knysna and now Franshoek. Now the world’s best free ride mountain bike, hell men, return!

Sam, Clemens & Nico have been working hard creating magic at the DarkFEST site just outside Stellenbosch in the beautiful Helshoogte Valley. Two new features are being added to the end of the line this year, so the focus has been at the bottom of the course this week. The gigantic step up has had an overhaul and is slightly hipped to the right now to lead into a flat drop into the road below and then into a chute down to a big stepped up trick jump. This will make the world’s top free ride mountain bike guys very happy indeed.

The massive Jumps getting built. Photo: Eric Palmer, Monster Energy

Darkfest will have a 100ft Jump

The main new feature, the massive trick jump at the bottom is the only thing that needs more serious tweaking as the guys were getting so much speed on the run in they decided to raise the landing a few meters and dig the lip deeper to make it taller and steeper! So Clemens is giving his rocket launcher a complete makeover. The rest of the course has had a few minor tweaks. It is looking burnished and so smooth & glossy with the trademark Nico & Clemens perfection.

Nico also spent some quality time with the twisty wizard, between the big 100 footer and the hip and made it even more twisty with the landing more finned out almost into a wall ride that aims you straight at the hip with tonnes of speed. The step up is also a bit taller and the landing is slightly hipped to the right to set up for the drop, which has also been made steeper a bit after testing which now sets you up for the trick jump perfectly.

The World’s Best/Craziest Freeride Mountain Bike stars coming to Darkfest

All the biggest names in freeride Mountain Bike will be arriving next week to take on this incredible course.

Confirmed Riders:
Sam Reynolds
Clemens Kaudela
Nico Vink
Tom van Steenbergen
Adolf Silva
Brendan Fairclough
Ethan Nell
DJ Brand
Nicholi Rogatkin
Jordie Lunn
Graham Agassis
Matt Macduff
Tom Reynolds
Darryl Brown
Theo Erlangsen
Kurt Sorge
I will be joining legend, death loop star, Matt Macduff, on the mic on the open day, so come join me for a day you will never forget!

Get your tickets to the Darkfest!

You can come and join us to witness the most mental mountain biking on the the planet. Get your tickets HERE

PS: If you get a VIP, you will get to meet and hang with the world’s best 😉

Check out the Build Videos so far…

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