Brian Grubb and Matti Buys Wakeskate Durban’s Beachfront

Wakeskate show in Durban

This summer, local wakeskate athlete, Matti Buys invited one of the most influential pioneers of the sport, Brian Grubb (USA) to South Africa. To explore and session some of the most prominent spots around Durban. What transpired was an epic video short titled ‘Reflections’. Which not only showcases Durban’s flair but some of the most imaginative trick lines and obstacles.


Wakeskate legend Brian Grubb

“Since my last first trip to South Africa back in 2006, I have always wanted to come back and see more. Durban was a perfect location to wakeskate and put this project together with Matti,” says Grubb, who has been dominating in the sport since his first pro tour in 2003.


Red Bull Reflections

In Red Bull’s ‘Reflections’, you will see a myriad of cables and high-powered winches taking Grubb and Buys from the Indian Ocean shoreline, to Durban Point Waterfront Canals, right through uShaka Marine World and onto Durban’s iconic beachfront pools. The duo creatively make use of their natural surroundings, adding obstacles like ramps or kickers to perform a host of tricks.  One would normally expect to see these on a lake or public cable park, yet this time in a much trickier and unique setting. 


Growing South African wakeskate

In South Africa, wakeskating is still very much a growing sport with a lot of potential and young talent continually raising through. “It is important for us as athletes who have spent a number of years building up the sport to continue to find creative ways to share our stories and to also put the sport of wakeskating in front of new, larger audiences,” concludes Buys.

Watch the Video

Amazing Wakeskating with Matti Buys and Istudiomo

Wakeskating - Istudiomo

Welcome to Wakeskating

My first article of the new year and I must say I am stoked that it is about wakeskating and this movie.

Firstly, because I have always enjoyed watching wakeskating and secondly, because it features one of my favorite South African athletes, Matti Buys.

If you have not had a look at wake skating before, you may feel it is a hybrid child of wake boarding, skateboard and a wet t-shirt competition, which is not far off. It became popular once the urban kids starting riding cable parks and left the bindings off to be able to start doing skate tricks on the rails and jumps.

Since then it has grown at a rapid rate and now, especially with the aid of winch cables, has moved out into the great outdoors and urban water areas of the world. We also have a a pretty big crew in South Africa with a couple of wake parks you can go ride in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Ballito.

Istudiomo takes you into the heart of the wakeskating movement, featuring some of the world’s top riders and both crazy urban environments, as well as majestic and wild locations.

The gents have made the film free to view in order to help raise awareness of the sport and to attract new blood to the scene, something I can really respect. If you do enjoy the movie go and show some love on their website and you can make a donation – Istudiomo

The film features riding from Nick Taylor, Andrew Pastura, Cole Kraiss, Yan Lecomte, Matti Buys, David Roehm, Ollie Moore, Bret Little, Braden Ioi, Andrew Fortenberry, Nick Robinson, Travis Belsito and Collin Gee.

I rally enjoyed watching the film and highly recommend it. So make some popcorn, sit back and enjoy Istudiomo.

Enjoy the full film:

ISTUDIOMO from Andrew Roehm on Vimeo.

Keen – Matti Buys Wakeskate

It has been a while since we saw wakeskate footage at home with Matti Buys. What with his travels around the world, competing in the USA and a busy schedule. So stoked to see some footage from home in a great edit, with some great local music!

KEEN from Matti Buys on Vimeo.

Wakeskating the South Coast of South Africa with Matti Buys and Kaylib Louw
Filmed and edited by Timothy Woodley

Radical Wakeboard with Rusty Malinoski

While not the biggest name in the wake game, Rusty Malinoski has always been one of my favorites to watch ride. Big lines, style and huge strength (Just check the handle passes.)

Rusty Malinoski has always had a different approach to the sport of Wakeboarding than most others. Rusty’s hard core work ethic, confidence and competitive approach has taken him onto winning many National and World championships throughout his career. Growing older now, Rusty still has that competitive drive and desire to want to win at any level and all the time. Rusty hasn’t let off the gas yet. He feels he still has more to share with the sport and his competitors.

Wakeskating the 8th Wonder of the World with Brian Grubb

One of the best things about being a Red Bull premier athlete must be the opportunities to go and explore the planet for unique riding terrain for shoots. Just take a look at this video with Pro Wakeskater, Brian Grubb. He checked out a great rice terrace on a Philippine Bank Note, found out it was based on a real picture, then tracked down the location (One of the 9 Wonders of the World) and ended up riding it.

Respect for the environment was a priority from the beginning of this project! The team has assured that the plants and wildlife have neither been damaged nor disturbed at any time during the project. All agreements have been made together with the locals and under respect of their traditions and culture.

Professional wakeskaters Brian Grubb (USA) and Dominik Preisner (GER) travelled to the Philippines to have an epic winch session at one of the most beautiful spots in the world. The famous rice terraces of Banaue are considered to be the Eighth Wonder of the World and were surely the perfect playground for an unique wakeskate session!

With the Typhoon causing major destruction in the Philippines right now, please do go and support a good cause for drinking water for the areas hardest hit –

Win a copy of Noisia Vision Wakeskate Film today!

On the radio show tonight I have Ex World MX Champion Grant Langston and current rising star, Caleb Tennant, chatting about the recent Best Whip contest in Jozi and happening around the world. . Wakeskaters Dylan Mitchell and Dale Nieuwstad join me to talk about the recent International exploits of the SA Wake community. They have kindly brought a copy of the insane Wakeskate DVD, Noisia Vision to give away. its easy to win:
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O’Neill Wake the Line – SA Rider Dieter Humpsch takes 2nd

The O’Neill Wake the line comp went down in Europe this week and South Africa was ably represented by our favorite wakeskater, Dieter Humpsch. The man wowed the crowds with his big bag of tricks and ended up in 2nd place behind Reed Hansen. Check out his runs…

O’Neill Wake the Line 2013 – Wakeskate – 2nd Dieter Humpsch from UNIT Parktech AG on Vimeo.