The Friday Mix – Mental Java Bodyboard, Josh Pall Skating & Bromdog ripping!

Time for another epic Friday Mix of action sports video from the week. I have been bombarded with good edits this week and it was tough choosing my three favorites, but these are them.

First off we go down to Java, Indonesia, with bodyboarder Joshua Garner and the Paradise Paradox. Deep and super thick pits with mental air game and a good backstory make this a winner. I am pretty sure most Bodyboarders will be booking tickets to Java soon…

Next up we go skating for a day round Sydney, with Josh Pall. Super relaxed and and clearly in an area he skates plenty, you can but help appreciate this video shot on a RED.

Lastly we go round the planet with Cape Town charger, Matt Bromley, as he throws himself into big pits and perfect waves. Edited by Steven Michelson.

Enjoy the mix 🙂

Paradise Paradox from Sherwood Studio on Vimeo.

DOLPHIN DAYS #3 – JOSH PALL WEEKEND from Riley Blakeway on Vimeo.

Visions with Matt Bromley from steven michelsen on Vimeo.

The Friday Mix – Red Bull Day of the Dead skate, Angola Surf & Bmx for Nitro Circus

Its been a few weeks since I did a Friday Mix for you guys. This is a banger though with 3 great videos. We start with the Red Bull Day of the Dead Skate event in Mexico, then we head off to Angola for the new surf film, Under Desert Skies, trailer and finish off with Dutch BMX star, Daniel Wedemeijer, heading to California to get ready for the Nitro Circus Euro tour (Which will be heading our way early next year.) Enjoy the mix and go out and ride this weekend!

Under Desert Sun Trailer from Kevin Voegtlin on Vimeo.

The Friday Mix – Burton Backcountry, Bearclaw MTB and Mavericks with Grant Twig Baker

Prepare yourself for some Friday Awesomeness! This week on the Friday Mix we start with the new snowboarding film from Burton, Backcountry. Burton’s four-part web series [SNOWBOARDING] kicks off on 9/13 with the release of the first episode, BACKCOUNTRY. This episode takes you deep into the mountains of British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest, Switzerland, and beyond. Featuring the riding of Jussi Oksanen, Terje Haakonsen, Jeremy Jones, Nicolas MĂĽller, Mikey Rencz, and Mark Sollors, BACKCOUNTRY highlights heavy riding on massive cheesewedges, natural big mountain lines, hairy cliff drops, and soft landings.

After that I present a short web doccy on the Bearclaw Invitational. Hosted by the legendary Darren Berrecloth, the Bearclaw Invitational in Mount Washington, Canada, is the final mountain bike slopestyle contest of the 2013 season. See how the athletes thrive and survive at this contest with the final showdown on the horizon.

Lastly take a trip into the heaving waters at Mavericks with South African big wave surfer, Grant Twig Baker showing why he is one of the best in the business! The guy takes such different lines to the other surfers and really shows what the paddle potential is at one of the world’s gnarliest waves…

“Super Natural” Twiggy Segment from Powerlines Productions on Vimeo.

The Friday Mix – Biggest Dirt Jump with Red Bull, DC Superpark 17 & Cool Trucks

Its Friday and that means its time for your weekly mix of jaw dropping action sports video from the web. We start this week with Red Bull and their incredible Dreamline, Bmx event. The biggest dirt jumps in the world along with high altitude push Bmz’s best to the limits, but eventually it was Pat Casey who took the win. Check out his Bar Spion 360 to Double Tail Whip, its absolutely insane!

Up next and with all the snow falling around Cape Town, we take a trip with DC to the Superpark. This is Snowboarding at its biggest and best! The DC Snow Team headed to Mt. Bachelor for Snowboarder Magazine’s 17th Superpark Battle of the Brands.

Lastly and staying with DC Shoes, they have an epic vote contest running for the coolest DC Toyota Truck. Check the video and then go and vote for your favorite out of the snow, skate and moto options. (Personally it was close betwean snow and moto, but I went moto.) Vote Here –

The Friday Mix – Jbay Open Doccy, Enduro Life and River Surfing

Welcome to your Friday Mix and we start with an epic short doccy on the Jbay Open of Surfing this week. It was a super fun week in Jbay, a great competition and a huge battle between the age groups. You might also notice a certain captain’s voice commentating in the background haha! Great to see Greg Emslie with the win in Jbay finally!

Next up we got some awesome Enduro for you in Fly Machines’ Directors Reel for 2013. Some epic terrain, bikes and action that will get you frothing to get out into the great outdoors on your dirt machine.

Lastly we finish up with some river surfing from the alps. My mate Chris Cab sent me this video of his mates surfing in the middle of nowhere in Austria. Just goes to show how hard we as surfers will work to get a surf session in. Guess a its true what they say, Only a surfer knows the feeling…

Jbay Open of Surfing Documentary 2013 from Silver Bullet Productions on Vimeo.

Director’s Reel 2013 – Moto from Flymachine Films on Vimeo.

Riversurfing in the Alps from Chris Cab on Vimeo.

The Friday Mix – Surf Dreaming, Steph Gilmore shreds Mex & BMX in China

This week in your mix we go a little surf heavy! Check out Dave Richards new web edit, Border Run, as he dreams of perfect waves while stuck on Dubai, but ends up scoring on a border run to the Maldives.

Next up Stephanie Gilmore takes us on a jaunt down south of the border in Mexico and absolutely destroys every wave in sight! There is a reason this fine looking lady is a multiple world champion! Love me some shredding in bikinis…

Lastly we join good ginger, Greg Illingworth on a trip to China, filming for the new Bmx film, Make it Happen. The boys found some crazy lines and weird things as you would expect in the land of weird…

BORDER RUN from dave richards on Vimeo.

Dear Sylvia, love Steph. from Morgan Maassen on Vimeo.

Make It Happen 2nd Teaser – China from Make It Happen BMX on Vimeo.

The Friday Mix – Indo Tubes, FOX Bmx Pro and Kilian Martin skate art!

I have just had an epic week up at Afriski in Lesotho and expect some videos of that very soon! In the meantime enjoy this week’s Friday Mix, starting with my pal, Wok, jaunting through some fun Bali Tubes with his mate and RVCA surfer, Adam Bennets.

Next up we go down south to the land of Oz and some serious BMX action from the FOX Bmx Pro! These dudes are caning it!

Lastly we go down memory lane with Skate wunderman, Kilian Martin and some seriously tripped out action from one of his older clips from 2011. This guys blows my mind!

The Friday Mix – Great White encounter spearfishing, Real Snow Backcountry & Chippa Wilson Surfs

Welcome to your Friday mix and while interest is on new wetsuits to deter sharks, check out this close encounter with a 5m Great White off of Port Elizabeth. I ran a video last year of Eugene van Wyngaardt fending off a 3m Shark. Seems he decided to have an encounter with a bigger one. You can actually see the spear point pushing in her skin as he fends her off. Scary stuff!

Next up its almost time for Xgames LA and this year they have a new Real Snow contest. Check out the Real Snow Backcountry competition teaser with some of the world’s best big mountain destroyers! Then get online and watch and vote for your favorite!

Lastly check out the latest offering from free surfing phenomenon, Chippa Wilson. Some serious steez on this kid.

Enjoy your weekend!

The Friday Mix – Roxy Pro ass furore, Ice Climbing & Chasing Trails…

It’s Friday and that of course means your fix of great videos from the world wide web! This week we start with an incredible short doccy on ice climbing with Tim Emmet. Armed with two axes he pushes the boundaries of the frozen world. Incredible shots and mental climbs.

Next up, Kenny Smith does things on a mountain bike that no one else does. He finds possibilities in places where no one else even looks. Bigger, steeper, faster—that’s his style. Check out his riding in Whistler.

Lastly I bring you the Roxy Pro France promo video which has caused quite the stir online this week. Many have questioned aht it has to do with the surf event, as there is no surfing, but gratuitous use of a mighty fine bum and shower scene…
I am taking a wild guess, but I think the said ass belongs to Rosy Hodge. What are your thoughts? (Oh and a great parody video for you to below, haha)

Sportlife SAGA 2: ICE – Tim Emmett from EyEFORcE on Vimeo.

The Friday Mix – Dave Hubbard Bodyboards, Moe Peters canes a BMX & one of the best Snow Trailers ever…

Oooh I love Fridays! The start of the weekend and of course I get to put together another great Friday Mix. I was spoilt for choice this week, but I reckon I nailed it with these three videos…

First up the Sultan of strange, Dave Hubbard, going mental on a bodyboard. He even surfs it…

Next up it’s South African BMX Phenom, Moe Peters! This guy should be overseas and getting PAID the big bucks. He is on another level.

Lastly check out the trailer for new snow film, Into the Mind, from the guys at Sherpa Films. I could watch it all day.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the mix!

HUBBOARDS DUBB 2013 from Toolbox Designs on Vimeo.

moe from Malcolm Peters on Vimeo.

Into The Mind – Official Teaser from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.