Captain Content

The key word in any business today, is content.

Without fresh, dynamic and constant content, your brand will not keep your consumer’s interest across social media channels and through those channels, on your brand. Quite simply, Content is King – or in my case I am your Captain of content…

Through my own blog, social channels and working alongside some of the most dynamic, modern, brands online, I have learnt how best to create, produce and post content for brands. Whether for a specific campaign, to grow brand presence or simply to gather more followers.

I can make content alongside the right influencers to make your Brand shine online.

Need an example? Take a look at this recent video I made for Striped Horse Beer, who wanted me to be an ambassador for the beer and help grow their fan base in the Surf community.

With a quick trip up the West Coast in the Striped Horse Landrover, some good times, waves and of course filming the experience, we created a lifestyle based video for Facebook that while not overtly pushing the Striped Horse brand, would resonate with any surfer and make a quality association to the Striped Horse brand, through resonating content. Over 14k views on Facebook shows the project was a great success.

I specialize in:

  1. Creating cool content that will attract consumers to your brand!
  2. I bring on board the right Social Influencers to help broaden the reach of your content campaign.
  3. I assit you with the online promotion and advertising spend in order to maximize the viewership and success of the content.
  4. I work anywhere in the world and am available on any type of campaign.

Contact me today and lets get your brand content to your consumer!


Tel: +27 741542618

Some more examples of my work: