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Some of the World’s biggest and most successful companies operate with remote work teams. Many companies are successful as 100%. remote teams, while companies such as Google and other large tech giants make use of part time remote working for their employees. Yet it’s still not a common company structure, especially in South Africa and, unfortunately, information about how to set up remote work so that you and your team can be successful is still scarce. I want to share what I have learned so far.

Kai Linder aka Captain Kai (Video Production, Event Production, Content Producer, Television Producer, Writing & Social Media)

I have operated my own businesses for well over a decade, working from home and remotely. I have worked with major corporate brands, advertising agencies, PR consultancies, production companies and small businesses. Most of this work has been through online work spaces and utilizing technology to enable myself to deliver to my client’s expectations, without being in their offices. Now I want to assist your company and staff with being able to work remotely, while maintaining productivity and even improving on it. 

I have a free PDF below, that gives you the basics for starting to work remotely:

Well there you have it, your basic and laid out procedures and guide lines to getting your business running with remote workers. While the process of allowing your workers to leave the “safety net” of your office space will at first seem quite intimidating, you may well find that this situation leads to higher productivity and much happier staff in the long run. Many companies have started allowing workers to work remotely in a time of crisis, only to realize that their staff became happier and more efficient while working out of the office. 

I hope you embrace this opportunity to work outside of the “old” regime and that embracing technology, freedom and your own creativity will allow you to thrive working remotely. 

Remember that I am available on email for any questions or queries you may have. The full guide is available as a Web Seminar and PDF, you can book for yourself or your company today. 

I am also available as a consultant to help set up your remote work systems, to look at goal orientation and choosing the right outcomes over lockdown and working remotely, as well as guiding your team through this new challenge. 

If you would like to book an initial consultancy session, please email me. 


Kai Linder


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