Brendon Gibbens drops edit of the Year – Homebody

Brendon Gibbens surfs like a bat out of hell.

Homebody is a proper Surf Video

In his own words, Brendon Gibbens, does not like the new shorter content drops, made profilic by social media. “It’s seems like everyone is craving instant content on social media, but that doesn’t really do it for me.” I like it, I like it alot! In this video he returns to the original surf film format of incredible surfing, in the best locations, with a pumped up soundtrack. It also is just long enough to watch before a surf, to get the amp up, while not being to long, or filled with arty crap.

The Surfing is Outrageous

I got to hang with Brendon earlier this year for a few days in a wild location at home, in South Africa. It was great to just chat to him and get to know him better. He is a very quiet and calm individual out of the water. Once he settles in with you though, you fast realise he has a wicked sense of humor, bordering on dark. This come through when he dons a wetusit and paddles out. His surfing has a wild abandon, bordering on dangerous sometimes. Personally I could watch him surf all day long.

Brendon Gibbens representing South Africa

Much of Homebody is filmed right here at home in SA. While he travels around the world to some of the best locations on planet earth, he admits to loving being home. The waves are great year round and the crowds are thin. Having seen the crowds in his second home of California, I find it hard to disagree. One thing is for sure, Gibbens is representing for us on the world stage and this video proves that he is at the top of the freesurfing world.

Enjoy watching Homebody

Just click on the link below and go watch on Vimeo (Deals with large mags mean it wont play here.)

Homebody from Brendon Gibbens on Vimeo.

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